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                                                  Rectal Warts

According to our world renowned HPV Genital Wart Expert at Rectal Warts NYC at the Rectal Warts NYC Treatment Center rectal  warts can either be external or internal. What you can see in the rectal wart picture below are mostly the external warts that are along the perianal region. Genital and rectal warts are common in men and women who have unprotected sex with an infected partner. Genital and anal warts can be contracted or spread if a male is exposed to an hvp carrier or infected person by simply having anal sex. In less than 3 months the hvp virus can spread around the genital and anal area scrotum and rectum as seen in the rectal warts picture below.

The Human Papilloma Virus causes the rectal warts as seen in the rectal warts picture. It can be spread through skin-on-skin contact during sexual activity most specifically having anal sex with an infected individual. Touching the peri-anal and the rectal region by hands and not washing it could spread the virus to other parts of the body could spread through skin-to-skin contact. There is a slight chance of contracting the virus by using the towels, underwear, or clothing of the infected person. For prevention during anal intercourse, the use of condom can reduce the chances of spreading the virus.

The obvious signs of warts in the anal and rectum as seen in therectal wart picture means that you stop having sex with your partner. Although these warts are painless yet they are so annoying and you can’t help to scratch it sometimes that leads to bleeding and bleeding can spread the virus faster. If you see the flesh colored warts in and outside the anus of men and women be a good judge. If you know that there is a risk stop your normal sexual activity. Therisk of spreading the virus is higher when there are visible warts on the anal region but always remember that even there’s no outward signs of HPV are present, virus still can be transmitted. 

Signs of human papilloma virus could be flat or raised bumps in single or in multiple clusters and may be itchy or non-itchy and seen on the as seen in the rectal warts pictures. Some may not have warts but the virus already invaded your immune system and may break out anytime without warning. Not all infected with the virus will develop warts. A visible wart as a sign of hpv is harder to find in women than in men. Virus can lay dormant in your system for ages and can recur if the immune system cannot handle it.

If you have warts in the rectum as seen in the rectal warts picture visit your doctor.. These warts can be treated by freezing using liquid nitrogen, or can be relieved by anti-wart chemical compounds, and ifnot electro surgery or laser therapy. There are antiviral drugs available and a vaccine for immunization that is tested to prevent the spread of the disease. To protect your self from contracting the disease, avoid sex, maintain a monogamous relationship, use protection like condoms, spermicidal creams if possible.
At New York Dermatology headed by a board certified Dermatologist we have over 20 years of experience treating rectal, anal, and genital warts with a high degree of success.  

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New York Dermatology by Board Certified  Dermatologist Dr. Gary Rothfeld  is a board certified NYC  Dermatologist with a  New York City office in Manhattan, New York  providing expert skin care, dermatology, and cosmetic dermatology services.  A Park Avenue practice with an international reputation in general, cosmetic, and surgical dermatology.

I personally see every new patient who visits our office. I am not just a physician, I am a Board Certified Dermatologist. My goal is, quite simply, to provide the type of dermatologic care which I  would seek for my own family. This is a very important point, since physicians often use the phrase "Doctor's Doctor" to refer to those individuals who typically are selected by physicians themselves for personal care. I am confident that my practice fully meets that definition. This is the type of 5-star care and service that our patients expect, deserve and receive. I treat every patient the way I would want to be treated: with courtesy, dignity and respect. I carefully listen to their hair and skin-care concerns and offer a variety of options including a treatment plan that I believe will give them the best results 

Dr Gary sees every patient himself and  believes in personalized care. The Doctor does not employ any physician assistants, nurse practitioners, or other physician substitutes to do his treatment. He sees every patient himself at every visit.

A significant percentage of my  Dermatology Conditions are diagnosed  on listening to medical history of the patient alone, a further percentage on examination and the remainder on further investigation and my patients teach me the rest. It is clear to me that history and examination skills remain at the very core of my dermatology practice. Older Dermatologists like myself rely on history and physical to a greater degree than the younger dermatologists.  I think that the pendulum has swung too far towards all these cosmetic procedures where the younger dermatologists are just doing cosmetic procedures and not listening to their patients.  This is an important point because if the Dermatologist does not spend enough time with the patient the cosmetic procedures will not work.

It is vital to undergo a full pre assessment to ensure that your skin type is fully assessed and to be  accurate about your medical history. This particular procedure might not be the right treatment for you.  It is crucial that the Doctor does a full History and Physical Examination and listens to your concerns.  It very important to understand the individual needs of each patient because one procedure could work on one patient and then not another.

Each patient’s condition is carefully evaluated and the best treatment(s) are chosen to ensure an optimal outcome. Treatments are performed by Dr. Gary who has extensive cosmetic dermatology experience and training. This allows the Doctor to offer top-quality services in every area of the cosmetic dermatology field, while ensuring patients safety and satisfaction.
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Dr. Gary Rothfeld is recognized as one of the best Dermatologist in New York, NY, Manhattan, NYC, New York City and the nation by the entertainment industry in the United States of America. At New York Dermatology headed by board certified Dermatologist Dr. Rothfeld, sees patients  7 days a week including Saturday and Sunday.
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